You and your friends are onboard the Hussar-370 when suddenly the plane starts shaking violently. You fasten your seatbelts and crash somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

So what has gone from a trip to Fiji has ended in horrible accident. You and the few survivors wake up to see an island covered with sand and heavy vegetation. A horrible sensation of fear gushing through you body and then comes the realization of possibly never returning home again.

After the shock has settled you talk with the other survivors, some wish to scavenge the wreckage of the plane while others say we should find shelter and let the coming storm pass.

The discussion was suddenly interrupted by a loud and evident gunshots, which was then followed by the screams of a single person. You now know that there may be more to what has occurred. Non the less everyone agrees to seek shelter from the coming storm.

Longways from Paradise

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